POE Bors Pasteurizat 750ml

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water, WHEAT chaff (UE), BARLEY malt flour. Produced by the fermentation of the WHEAT chaff. Appearance: opalescent liquid with possible WHEAT flour and yeast colony sediments. Pasteurized product. Typical nutritional value /100g product Energy: 14kJ/3kcal Fat -of which saturates 0, 1g 0, 1 g Carbohydrate -of which sugars 0, 8 g 0, 2 g Protein 0, 3 g Salt 0, 02g

Nutrition information per 100g product

Typical nutritional value /100g product Energy: 117kJ/28kcal Fat -of which saturates 0g 0 g Carbohydrate -of which sugars 7 g 4 g Fibre 1g Protein 1 g Salt 1, 5g


Store in a cool and dry place away from sunlight. After opening: To be kept between 4….8 C for maximum 3 days This product contain GLUTEN

Made in:

Made in Romania for POE LIMITED Unit 23-24 Kimberley Business Park Redbrook Lane, Rugeley, WS15 1RE