About Poe Ltd

This website ROMANIANFOOD.CO.UK is owned and operated by  POE Limited


POE Limited

23-24 Kimberley Business Park

Rugeley, Staffordshire, UK

WS15 1RE

Company registration number:06615604

Registered in England

VAT number:942348125

Short overview of POE Ltd

Romanian Food UK was founded in 2008 under the name POE Ltd. Our company produces and distributes quality Romanian and East European culinary products in the UK through a network of authorised distributors spread among the mainland UK.

Our full story and much other info is available on POE LTD BLOG

Why Romanian Food?

Romania has a long tradition of preparing delicious foods, and traditional Romanian recipes are known across the globe. Romanian cuisine consists of a variety of foods and desserts. Mici or Mititei, sarmale in foi de varza or zacusca are just a few food choices that made Romania an attractive place on the culinary map.

Romanian Food UK brings you all the flavours of Romanian cuisine and culinary products.

We provide the best traditional Romanian Food in the UK under our brand. For over a decade, POE Ltd has been providing quality Romanian products in the UK, among which :

  • quality fresh and frozen meat sourced locally;
  • our Romanian mici (mititei) have been sizzling in the UK’s back gardens since 2009; we dare to say that ‘POE Mici Romanesti’ or ‘POE Mititei Romanesti’ have become a regular presence on the tables of the 1 Milion Romanians living in the UK (and not only);
  • Romanian and East-European style smoked meat, salamis and sausages are made locally, in Rugely, using fresh British meat and the vast experience of our butchers;
  • Romanian-style cakes, made with fresh local ingredients, are prepared with professionalism and dedication by a most-experienced team of bakers in our facility in Rugely;
  • All of the above are being produced following the British Food Hygiene Standards. We have spared no effort to accommodate our facilities and procedures according to the legal requirements, and we are proud to state that our Food Hygiene ratings are according to our actions;
  • we also provide a large variety of Romanian products, from canned Food to essential aliments, pickles, and condiments. All of them bear distinct Romanian and East-European tastes.