How to place an order

1. Select the item(s) that you require from our website by clicking  the “Add Cart” link show for the item. you can click Add to Cart multiple times to add multiple items to your shopping list.

2. Items that you have selected can be reviewed at any time via the “View Cart” link.

3. When you have completed your selections click on the “Checkout” link to complete your order. You will be asked to provide delivery and payment information via secure web pages. Please review your order carefully before submission to avoid problems.

4. If you make a mistake during ordering please contact us as soon as possible.

5. If you need to amend your order prior to placing it you may do so on the shopping cart page. Remove items or amend quantities using the controls provided. You may need to update the contents of your basket for changes to take effect. If you really get stuck please e-mail us.

6. We deliver within 1-3 business days via UPS. The cost of delivery, as shown in the below table, is weight-based. We kindly suggest you consider the below shipping rates when planning your order.

Weight (g)Shipping Rate (£)
100-9500 9.59
9500-14500 11.99
14500-20000 13.99
20000-50000 15.99