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Viva chips ardei

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Weight 100 g

Expanded product with paprika flavor


potatoes granules, palm vegetable fat, potatoes starch, potatoes flakes, WHEAT flour (GLUTEN), salt, flavor enhancers: monosodium glutamate, inosinate and guanylate sodium, LACTOSE (from MILK), sugar, tomatoes powder, paprika powder 0,4%, maltodextrin, flavors (soy, MILK, MUSTARD), color: red pepper extract, WHEY powder (LACTOSE and MILK proteins), dextrose, stabilizer: tricalcium phosphate, anti-caking agent: silicium dioxide, acidifier lactic acid.

Nutrition information per 100g product

Nutrition information per 100g product
Energy value 2080kJ/497kcal
Fat 24g
of which saturates 12g
Carbohydrates 64g
of which sugars 3.6g
Fibers 2.4g
Proteins 5g
Salt 3.4g


Keep in clean, dry, cool places.


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